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Discover our exclusive specials for in-house gatherings and off-site events. For event space rentals and custom packages, contact us for a tailored quote. our most popular packages designed for your convenience. Perfectly suited for small events, each package generously serves 20-25 people. Please note, a maximum of 2 packages per order/address applies. Should you prefer to exclude beverages or dessert, the price remains unchanged. Thank you for considering Castillo & Sons Cuisine for your event needs.

Latin Sensation


Roast Pork Shoulder
Grilled Chicken breast with sauteed onions & peppers
Rice with Pigeon peas
Sweet Plantains
Garden Salad
Beverages (Soda, Water)
Dessert (cookies)

Panini City


Cuban Panini’s
Grilled chicken breast with mozzarella panini’s
Garden Salad
Assorted Chips
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

Sandwiches & Wings


Assorted sandwiches (Choices of Italian, Turkey, Vegetable, Tuna)
Chicken Wings (Choice of Buffalo, sesame garlic, honey BBQ, jerk, parmigiana garlic or lemon pepper)
Garden Salad
Assorted Chips
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

Soul Explosion


BBQ Pork ribs
Country Fried Chicken
Baked Macaroni & Cheese
Braised  collard greens
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

Caribbean Flavors


Curry or Stew Chicken
Jerk Pork
Rice with gungo peas
Braised cabbage or sweet plantains
Garden Salad
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

Italian Classic


Sausage & peppers or Italian meatballs
Chicken Marsala
Penne Ala Vodka
Dinner Rolls
Garden Salad
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

American Classic


Grilled flank steak
Honey glazed chicken
Roasted red bliss potatoes
String beans sauteed in garlic sauce
Garden Salad
Beverages (soda, water)
Dessert (cookies)

Asian Fusion


Sweet chili chicken wings 
Beef & broccoli 
Vegetable fried rice 
Spring rolls 
Beverages (soda, water) 
Dessert (cookies)

Packages feed 20-25 people

All packages include

Disposable plates
Serving Utensils
Paper napkins


Custom Buffet Catering Package


Indulge in our versatile buffet menu, perfect for any occasion. Customize your package with 2 proteins, 2 starches, and 1 vegetable/side dish. Enjoy a fresh mixed green salad, dinner rolls, and butter.

Designed for a minimum of 30 guests, our catering service offers a sophisticated culinary experience at just $24.99 per person. Ideal for delivery and self-serve buffets. Equipment rental available for an additional fee.

Starch Options

Rice with pigeon peas

White or Yellow rice served with stewed beans

Rice with black beans or red beans (moro)

Latin rice with chicken ($2 pp)

Garlic bacon rice ($2 pp)

Black mushroom rice ($2 pp)

Coconut rice & gungo peas

Plain or vegetable fried rice

Brown rice

Rice pilaf

Garlic whipped potatoes

Roasted red bliss potatoes

Fingerling potatoes with lemon & parsley

Curry chickpeas with roasted potatoes

Cassava in Onion and Garlic Sauce

Baked macaroni and cheese

Vegetable Rasta pasta

Vegetable Chow Mein or Lo-mein

Pasta with creamy pesto

Pasta with tomato/basil & garlic

Pasta with alfredo

Penne ala vodka

Baked stuffed shells

Three cheese baked ziti

Three cheese lasagna

Cheese ravioli

Roasted vegetable lasagna

Chicken Options

Rotisserie chicken

All-American BBQ chicken

Orange honey glazed chicken

Grilled chicken breast with sautéed onion

Latin-style stew chicken

Caribbean brown stew chicken

Caribbean spice jerk chicken

Curry Chicken

Country fried chicken

Crackling chicken

Chicken Marsala

Chicken piccata

Chicken scampi

Chicken Parmigiana

Chicken & Broccoli

Teriyaki Chicken

Pork Options:

Roast pork shoulder (pernil)

Sausage & peppers

Mushroom pork chops

BBQ pork ribs

Caribbean jerk pork

Fried pork chunks with pickled onions

Vegetable/Sides Options:

Vegetable medley

String beans & carrots in garlic sauce

Smothered Collard greens with smoked turkey neck bone or ham hock

Roasted broccoli with lemon & garlic sauce

Roasted sweet corn

Braised cabbage

Sweet plantains

Homestyle potato salad

Homestyle macaroni salad

When booking your event, please ensure that you inform the Catering Manager if any members of your party have food allergies. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.